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Natural Hot Mineral Water

       Here at Corkill Palms we are fortunate to have access to Desert Hot Springs natural hot mineral water.  For centuries, man has reveled and relaxed in each land's own natural hot mineral waters.  For both health and relaxation, these waters have provided a curative effect which has made popular the ingestion and immersion effects of the best mineral waters.

    In Desert Hot Springs, we are fortunate to have the waters in a climate promoting health, as well as the significant advantage of no taste or odor to the water.  It is crystal clear and as tasty as the finest spring waters.

    Corkill Palms pool and spa are both supplied with these natural hot mineral waters.   These waters combined with our desert climate benefit our health in several ways:

Relieves stress and fatigue of the mind and body

Exercise in the water eases stiffness and pain

Increases circulation and oxygen flow

Helps most degenerative diseases and circulatory illnesses

Is not drying to the skin

Temperatures vary between 80-104 degrees

Our desert air is free of smog and air pollutants

Where does this mineral water come from?

Rising high above the valley floor to the northwest and southwest of Desert Hot Springs are Mt. San Gorgonio and Mt. San Jacinto.  For eons, rain and snow deposited on these majestic peaks have worked their way down the mountain slopes filtering through deposits of sand, gravel and porous stone and forming vast underground aquifers as deep as five miles below sea level.

From fissures that extend down to the molten interior of the earth, hundreds of thousands of gallons of this naturally heated water flow back up to the surface wells each day.  Water temperatures emerge at 90-200 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the location of the wells and proximity to the deep rifts in the rock below.  The water is used for drinking, cooking, bathing, hot spas and swimming pools.

For further information contact the city of Desert Hot Springs